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Cosmetic Publication License Service

Wednesday 17 July, 2019

Cosmetic Publication License Service

What is cosmetic publication?

Cosmetic proclamation means that an organization or individual producing or importing cosmetics carries out procedures at a competent state management agency to be granted a receipt number for the cosmetic product proclamation receipt and must return it. Toan is responsible for the safety, efficiency and quality of that product.

Cosmetic publication, also known as cosmetic circulation, is a compulsory procedure before businesses want to bring their cosmetic products to the consumer market.

Why is it necessary to publish Cosmetics?

Cosmetic announcement – Pursuant to Circular No. 06/2011 / TT-BYT dated January 25, 2011 on cosmetic management. Accordingly, Article 3 of this Circular specifies the provisions on “Cosmetics announcement” as follows:

“Article 3. Provisions on cosmetic product publicization

1. Organizations and individuals responsible for putting cosmetic products on the market are allowed to put cosmetics only on circulation only when they are granted a receipt number of the cosmetic product proclamation by a competent state management agency. and be solely responsible for the safety, efficiency and quality of the product. The competent state authority will carry out after-sales inspection when the product is on the market.”

=> Therefore, it is compulsory for cosmetic products to carry out the procedure “ANNOUNCEMENT COSMETICS” before carrying out the procedures for importing cosmetic goods.

Announcing cosmetics of all kinds
Announcing cosmetics of all kinds

Profile published cosmetics include?

Also according to Circular 06/2011 / TT-BYT dated 25 January 2011, Article 4 provides the following guidance for the cosmetic publicity announcement file:

“Article 4. Dossier of announcement of cosmetic products

The cosmetic product proclamation dossier includes the following documents:

1. Cosmetic product proclamation report (02 copies) enclosed with the proclamation data (soft copy of proclamation report);

2. A copy of the business registration certificate of the organization or individual responsible for bringing the product to market (with the enterprise’s signature and seal). In case the cosmetic is domestically produced and the organization or individual responsible for bringing the product to the market is not a manufacturer, a copy of the business registration certificate of the manufacturer must be obtained (certified with proper certification rate);

3. Original or certified true copy of the Power of attorney of the manufacturer or the product owner authorizing the organization or individual responsible for bringing the product to market to distribute cosmetic products at Vietnam (applied to imported cosmetics and home-made cosmetics where organizations and individuals responsible for bringing products to market are not manufacturers). For imported products, the authorization letter must be a certified copy and consular legalized according to the provisions of law, except for cases of consular legal exemption under international treaties which Vietnam Nam is a member. The authorization letter must meet the requirements prescribed in Article 6 of this Circular.

4. Certificate of Free Sale (CFS): Applicable only in case of announcement of imported cosmetic products and meeting the following requirements:

a) The CFS issued by the host country is the original or the copy is valid, valid. In case the CFS does not specify the time limit, it must be a copy issued within 24 months from the date of issue.

b) The CFS must be consularly legalized in accordance with the law, unless it is exempted from consular legalization under international treaties to which Vietnam is a member. “

What does the cosmetic label include?

According to Article 18 of Circular 06/2011 / TT-BYT, the cosmetic product label must contain the following contents:

“Article 18. Compulsory contents must be inscribed on labels

1. Cosmetic product labels must conform to ASEAN cosmetic labeling requirements. The following information must be shown on the product label:

a) Name of the product and its function, unless the form of the product has clearly demonstrated its function;

b) Instructions for use, unless the presentation has clearly indicated how to use the product;

c) Ingredients of complete formulas: Ingredients must be specified according to the international nomenclature prescribed in the latest publications mentioned at Point c, Clause 1, Article 5 of this Circular (not having to write the percentage of ingredient);

d) Name of the country of manufacture;

d) Name and address of the organization or individual responsible for bringing the product to the market (fully written in Vietnamese language according to the business registration certificate or investment license);

e) Quantity expressed as net weight or volume, in metric or both metric and imperial systems;

g) Lot number;

h) The date of manufacture or expiry date must be clearly stated (for example: day / month / year). The inscription of dates must clearly indicate the month, year or day, month and year in the correct order. The term “expiry date” or “best use before date” may be used, if necessary, additional conditions must be added to ensure the stability of the product.

For products with stability of less than 30 months, an expiration date is required;

i) Precautions for safety when used, particularly according to the notes in the column “Conditions of use and mandatory warnings to be printed on product labels” mentioned in the annexes to the Cosmetic Agreement In ASEAN, these precautions must be expressed on product labels.

2. In case the size, form or packaging materials cannot fully print the information specified in Clause 1 of this Article on original labels, such compulsory contents must be inscribed on supplementary labels attached to the product. cosmetic products and cosmetic labels must show the places where such contents are written.

The following information must be shown on the original label of the product’s direct packaging:

a) Name of product;

b) Lot number.

What is the language shown on the cosmetic product labels?

The contents specified in Article 18 of this Circular must be presented in English or Vietnamese; Particularly for information specified at Points b, dd and i, Clause 1, Article 18, it must be written in Vietnamese.

How long does the cosmetic publishing service take?

With experience of cosmetic publication service of Goldwell Logistics, cosmetic publication time is only 10-15 working days after receiving complete and valid dossiers as prescribed.

Why choose cosmetic publication service of Goldwell Logistics?

  • Quick publication time, meet the needs of the majority of customers
  • Good price
  • Goldwell Logistics is a company specializing in publishing cosmetic services of all kinds
  • Many years of experience in cosmetic publishing.
  • Consulting and supporting enthusiastically and honestly.
  • Consulting and implementing customs procedures for importing cosmeticsdịch vụ thủ tục hải quan nhập khẩu Mỹ Phẩm


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