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Friday 13 September, 2019


What is Construction stone?

With life time people do not change, but they can be changed by geological processes taking place in a very long time. The lithologic cycle describes the stages during which rocks are formed and transformed from one form to another.

Igneous rocks form when lava cools on the surface or crystallizes deep below. Sedimentary rocks are formed from material deposition, and then pressed into rock. While metamorphic rocks can be formed from magmatic rocks, sedimentary rocks or metamorphic rocks predominated under the impact of temperature and pressure.

Construction stone is the material used most in the process of constructing structural parts of a building from foundation work, pile to body. “Construction stones” are stones that are used or can be applied to construction works.

Customs services to import granit stone
Customs services to import granit stone

Regulations on importing construction stone

When importing the built ahnfg surface, the Circular No. 10/2017 / TT-BXD should be complied with with the Regulation on “Promulgation of National Technical Regulations on Products, Goods of Construction Materials and Guidelines for Conformity Certification , Conformity announcement”
Therefore, when importing construction stones, it is necessary to follow the procedure of certificate of conformity.

The main imported construction stones

Stone wall types

HS code and granite import tax

Granite for monumental or building stone, whether or not roughly trimmed or merely cut, by sawing or otherwise, into blocks or slabs of a rectangular (including square) heading 25.16.

Natural granite of a kind used to make monuments or building stones, of which only been cut only by sawing, already worked (polished, cut, edged, etc.), with a flat surface, of heading 68.02. If importing from China, C / O FORM E is: 0%.

Therefore, in order to determine the exact HS code of the Granite stone you are importing, it is necessary to have technical documents, properties and structural components and actuality of the granite so that GOLDWELL LOGISTICS can advise you to apply to the code. hs code match.

Procedure Procedures for importing construction stone

Sign up for a test
Register customs declaration
Bring goods to storage
Additional certification of conformity and clearance of goods.

Why use the construction stone import service of Goldwell Logistics?

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